Updating Jeenode v5 to OptiBoot

OptiBoot is a new bootloader for Arduinos and the like. It saves 1.5k of flash mem and also boots much faster than the standard bootloader. OptiBoot is the standard bootloader on the new Arduino Uno.

So I wanted to upgrade my Jeenodes (and other Arduinos) to OptiBoot. I don’t have an ISP programmer so I’m going to use one of the Jeenodes as the programmer as per instructions here.

First load isp_repair.pde on to the programmer Jeenode.

Connect the following (Progammer –> Board to be upgraded):

Port 1:

  • A –> SCK
  • + –> +3V
  • D –> MISO

Port 4:

  • A –> MOSI
  • G –> GND
  • D –> RST


You should see something like this in the serial:


Setting Fuses
Erasing Flash
2010-04-18 Blink.cpp.hex                  896b @ 0x0000
2010-12-24 optiboot_atmega328.hex         492b @ 0x7E00
Lock Bits: FF
Fuses: low FF, high DE, extended FD
Signatures: 1E 95 F FF FF FF FF 48

And that’s it. Should be good to go.