RF12B Modules…time to switch frequency?

So I’m toying with the idea to build my own Arduino clone with the RF12B transceiver. HopeRF sells the module in at least two physical formats (DIP and SMD) as well as three frequencies (433MHZ, 868MHZ and 915MHZ).

  • 433MHz band is allowed world-wide, except for Japan in the sub-GHz ISM allocation.
  • 868MHz is allowed in Europe
  • 915MHz is allowed in North America and Australia

Looking at the datasheet for the module, the output power for the three modules is:

  • 5dBm@433MHz
  • 3dBm@868MHz
  • 3dBm@915MHz

And the sensitivity is:

  • -105dBm@433MHz
  • -102dBm@868MHz
  • -102dBm@915MHz

So it looks like I will get a bit better performance/range using the 433MHz modules instead of the 915MHz that I have now.