Ruby v1.0b

Finally getting some time to get back to this project. A few weeks ago, I got version 1.0a of the Ruby Arduino clone with RF12B module. It worked well, but I made some simple mistakes in the layout and the silkscreen wasn’t the easiest to read. I sent a new version out and have made 5 or 6 of them. They all work perfectly.

Here is what they look like:

I moved the onboard DS18B20 sensor a bit farther away from the CPU. It isn’t populated on this particular board.

Here is the backside:

The silkscreen is much easier to read on this verision. It isn’t perfect, but it works. I still have the Jeenodesque ports. I like having access to both regulated and unregulated power as well as ground in lots of spots. Next to the SMA connector, I have a 0603 blue LED tied to D9. This allows me to give some feedback as to what is happening (ie flash when collecting data and sending packets). I plan on having a way for the ACK packets to turn this on for debugging or off for power saving. In the case, I can drill a small hole next to the antenna hole.

The form factor fits into the same case from New Age Enclosures.

I want to get 10 or so of these running around the house to see how the collector node handles all the chatter.

Let me know what you think of the layout. Cheers!