Speakercraft Expansion Port Wiring – prepping for an iPhone/web controller

The Speakercraft MZCs have RJ45 connectors on the back for the RS485 network.

I’m working on my own device to connect up to the expansion network and allow iPhone/iPad/etc.. control of the MZC.

I built one last spring using an Arduino and want to give it another go with the Raspberry Pi.

I wire up the RJ45 using the EIA568B standard.

Then get the following:

1 GND White/Orange
2 12V Orange
3 485A White/Green
4 IR Blue
5 IR White/Blue
6 485B Green
7 12V White/Brown
8 GND Brown

I just crimp on a RJ45 plug and I’ve got a data connection.

BTW, If I make a relatively inexpensive (< $100) ethernet connected box to the MZC for basic (non-MODE) operations, would anyone be interested? The iPod stuff on the Speakercraft is a major pain. They only send something like 7 rows of data at a time since that is what the MODE keypads can display. It makes making a good iPhone app a real pain. It would be better to do Airplay via an Airport Express and sending the music that way.

If you would be interested in a controller, please comment. Who knows, maybe I can get it really cheap.