New Speakercraft MZC iPhone/iPad App

I’ve been plugging away developing this app. I’ve got some UI issues to deal with. Here is what it currently looks like:


I’m pretty happy with the overall look, but I’m not sold on using the picker element for the source select. One of the main reasons, is that some of those sources will have sub-menus (like Play, Stop, FF etc… or if it is an iPod then a whole range of sub-menus).

The picker isn’t great for that. A better option might be a tableview that has child views….

Also, the slider control for the volume works well, but it might be more fun to build a rotating dial….decisions…decisions.

Of course, an iPad app will have a completely different layout. I should be able to have all the zones on the screen at once with all the submenus etc… I want to get the iPhone version nailed first however.

Feel free to post suggestions!