Sand for the new reef tank

I’m finally getting around to getting my Marineland 300 deep dimensions tank going. Its been 2 years since I got it and its only had water in for a few weeks — yikes!

Anyway, I bought base dry rock from Bulk Reef Supply and glued it together with MarcoRocks mortar which worked out great. Nice strong bonds and the color is a light gray so its not so noticeable.

I added two types of sand:

  • 120lbs of Tropic Eden Reeflakes Aragonite Sand in 30lbs bags
  • 160 lbs of CaribSea Aragonite Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand in 40lbs bags

I have always read great things about TE Reeflakes, but came across a great deal on the CaribSea and had seen positive comments.

This is the 100% aragnoite blend.

This is after dumping about 20lbs into a bucket. Wow. It does say to wash from milky to semi-clear, but wow. Milky barely describes it. It was filthy.

10-15 washes later. Ouch


And the above picture is after about 10-15 washes. Its still really milky. It took a good 15-20 minutes of running a hose on it to get anything close to clear.

Tropic Eden Reeflakes right out of the bag

As you can see the TE is much, much cleaner. This is straight out of the bag. That said, there were lots of little bits of plastic in the TE. Almost looked like PVC shavings, maybe their sorter/sifter was grinding when this got packages. CaribSea also had plastic and a fair bit of little twigs and other organics.

Here you can see the difference in color. TE on the top, CaribSea on the bottom

Caribsea was a fiar bit darker than the TE. The TE had bits of red/orange shell/coral flakes in it. I mixed it together so it will blend, but the color difference is quite noticeable.

In the end I would only go with Tropic Eden. It was much cleaner and brighter.