Connecting 0-10V dimming to Evergrow Nova A8

Update: I have now connected all 3 Evergrow Nova A8s to 1 channel on the Reef Angel Dimming Expansion. That is 12 LED Drivers! Whole tank is now dimming on schedule which is sweet. When I build my own dimming expansion with 16 channels, I’ll set it up so each driver can be dimmed separately for various effects.

Here are the lights I just got. They are awesome. Direct from Evergrow in Shenzen — Please ask for Alice @ Evergrow. She rocks!

Here are the 3 lights up in the canopy:

and a close-up of one:

Disclaimer — doing the below most likely voids your warranty and there is 120V inside the box when plugged in. You may permanently destroy your lights and there is potential for electrocution — nothing like 120V & salt water! Please proceed at your own risk. It works for me, your mileage may vary.

And the box opened up:

A module:

The fixtures are very well made. I was really impressed.

Here is the little rheostat board:


Here is the top of the board

There are 4 pins:
1: On/Off — reads 0V when the rheostats is off and 10.77V when on
2: +12V — reads 11.78V, comes from the LED drivers
3: PWM (0-10V)
4: GND

You can see (or not!) in image that there are two connectors. That is because each dimmer board controllers 2 LED drivers. In my lights there are 4 LED drivers in total: 2 white and 2 blue (or whatever mix of LEDs you have). The pins are connected so both drivers receive the same signals.

I shorted pins 1&2 to provide the LED drivers with the signal that the light is on.
I connected pins 3&4 directly to the Reef Angel Dimming Module and voila! Let there be RA-controlled dimmable lights!

It would be best to connect up some sort of  switch to pin 1 so that if there is voltage on pin3 it flips on the light. Would need to do a slightly more complicated board for that but this works great.

I also got a D120 light off of Ebay:

which will be my next victim…